Cannabis Consumers Coping With COVID-19

  • According to a New Frontier Data U.S. market survey, average overall cannabis use has increased for more than 4 in 10 (42%) cannabis consumers (i.e., those using at least once a year) during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Another 42% of those surveyed reported maintaining consistent consumption, while 16% reported decreasing use during 2020.
  • Among demographic differences, younger consumers (ages 18-34) were considerably likelier to increase use than were older consumers; consumers under age 55 were more than 2x likelier than those 55+ to increase consumption.
  • The group likeliest reporting increased consumption were parents living with children under age 18, more than half (56%) of who reported increased use, compared to 39% of those without children, and 25% of those with adult children.
  • Flower remains the most popular product form: More than one-quarter (27%) of consumers reported increasing their use of flower, while 15% reported a decrease. Edibles and vapes saw roughly equal numbers of consumers increasing or decreasing their use of same.