For Dispensaries: Know Your Customers to Grow Your Customers

New Frontier Data’s latest report offers indispensable information to dispensary operators about who their customers are, what they consume, and how to keep them coming back.

Drawing from insights gleaned from our latest consumer survey, The Dispensary Experience: Cannabis Consumer Attitudes, Preferences, and Opinions details how local customers make their purchasing decisions, and how brand loyalty impacts those decisions. Cannabis consumers choose a favored dispensary based on familiarity, convenience, and product offerings. Though sales and other promotions can encourage consumers to visit a new retail outlet, the value of an initial positive dispensary experience cannot be understated.

Understanding consumers’ expectations and preferences for visiting a dispensary is essential both for the brands hoping to connect with new consumers and for those dispensaries aiming to cultivate a positive environment — whether for seasoned consumers or the uninitiated canna-curious.

The legal cannabis industry is no one-size-fits-all proposition, but to consumers the purchasing process often can seem kind of standardized, if not stale. Among U.S. consumers today, more than a third (34%) report a brick-and-mortar store being their primary source; in legalized adult-use markets, closer to half (43%) do. Most (58%) of those customers typically spend between $50-$200 per purchase, while two-thirds (66%) report spending up to $200 monthly.

“As we have all seen, the consumer spend throughout the market has declined, making understanding the consumer more important than ever,” said Gary Allen, New Frontier Data’s CEO. “While the spend is reducing, retail operators need to find more consumers, bring those consumers to their stores, and give them the products they are looking for.”

In short, retailers need to ask themselves what they are doing to deserve, draw, and redouble their customers’ patronage. The Dispensary Experience offers evidence, experiences, and advice to realize their continued success.

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