Humboldt Growers Face New Competition in the State’s Adult-Use Market

  • Despite Humboldt County (Calif.)’s legendary reputation for cannabis cultivation, many of its growers are struggling amid the newly regulated market.  
  • Among those surveyed, more than 4 in 5 (81%) have been growing for at least a decade.  
  • Legalization and regulation have introduced major disruptions and uncertainty, presenting local farmers with onerous hurdles and expenses along with keen competition for licensing from Santa Barbara County. 
  • Asked to identify Humboldt cannabis’ selling points, respondents most commonly noted the region’s famed association with it, decades of collective cultivation experience, and the plant’s reputation for therapeutic value.  
  • With strong support from local government and commerce groups, redoubled efforts to support Humboldt’s growers through the legal transition include a national branding campaign designed to promote its iconic terroir, protect its talent, and preserve its reputation.







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