New Frontier Data

Official Response to Claims & Allegations: The Oceania Cannabis Report, 2018 Industry Outlook

October 29, 2018

The response to New Frontier Data’s new report on the cannabis industry in the Oceanic region has been tremendous. New Frontier Data is thrilled to have partnered with CannaTech for the report’s release in Sydney, where it spurred dynamic dialog in the media and begun to raise awareness to many of the economic opportunities cannabis legalization may have across the region.

New Frontier Data agreed to conduct the first rigorous assessment of Oceania as part of its sponsorship of CannaTech Sydney, following a signed agreement on August 20, 2018. Committed to the region and to better understanding legal cannabis around the world, we were thrilled to have a venue like CannaTech Sydney at which to unveil the findings of this important study.

The Oceania Cannabis Report, 2018 Industry Outlook employs the unique, rigorous methodology New Frontier Data has spent the last four years refining – often imitated, but never replicated. As we often do, in the interests of collaboration and transparency in the cannabis industry, we explored opportunities to partner on this study, but ultimately completed it independently because potential partners did not meet the high standards and rigorous approach required to deliver the level of reporting integrity and accuracy New Frontier Data demands.

During the past four years, New Frontier Data has welcomed and encouraged responsible collaboration with other research firms and respectful sharing of information in support of our ultimate mission, to elevate the discussion around the emerging yet booming global cannabis industry. We will continue to do so, but not at the cost of our standards of unbiased data vetting, rigorous analytical methodology and ultimately, highest reporting protocols.

It is unfortunate that our Oceania report unleashed such emotional response from past potential partners, including personal attacks against our CEO. We hope we can all commit