U.K. Favorite CBD Product Type (Among CBD Consumers)

  • This month, the U.K.’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) announced that CBD companies failing to submit products for Novel Foods designation by March 31, 2021, would see them pulled from shelves.
  • As the first country with a governmental plan to regulate CBD as a food/supplement, it offers a benchmark for other markets.
  • The FSA’s Novel Foods Regulation applies to ingested goods (including CBD oil and capsules plus food and beverages), but not cosmetics, personal care products, or vaporizers.
  • A majority (71%) of U.K. consumers’ favorite CBD products will be affected by the regulations, most notably CBD oil (preferred by 51%).
  • One-quarter (25%) of British consumers will not see their favorite CBD products impacted by the law; flower (preferred by 3%) remains illegal.


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