New Frontier Data and Treez Unite Cannabis Dispensary Point of Sale and Local and State Market Data to Create a New Revenue-Generating Engine for Treez Dispensary Clients

Treez point-of-sale customers can access New Frontier Data’s Equio, Retail Suite and NXTeck

Washington, June 15, 2023
— New Frontier Data, the leader in actionable cannabis data and business intelligence, and Treez, the leading enterprise commerce technology platform that streamlines retail operations within the cannabis industry, announced a new partnership providing Treez POS customers enhanced data insights for new customer acquisition through the addition of New Frontier Data’s cutting-edge tools, including EquioRetail Suite and NXTeck product lines.

“Partnering with New Frontier Data provides our dispensary customers with an even more comprehensive view of their business operations and the cannabis market,” said John ​Yang CEO of Treez. “The combination of Treez’s Retail Analytics platform and New Frontier Data’s suite of tools enables retailers to better understand customer demographics, optimize their product offerings, and grow their customer base and foot traffic.”

Equio, Retail Suite and NXTeck provide dispensaries with a real understanding of their place in the cannabis market and offer actionable steps for engaging new and potential customers. No other offering on the market provides the breadth and depth of consumer data and market insights within a single platform for rapid and successful deployment. Simplifying marketing outreach for dispensary owners who are already encumbered with day-to-day dispensary operations ensures they can grow their market share without a steep learning curve.

“Our partnership with Treez provides a unique opportunity for dispensaries to unlock new insights into their business and the industry as a whole,” said Gary Allen, CEO of New Frontier Data. “It’s never been easier for dispensaries to look inward to identify their best customers, identify new customer segments that lower customer acquisition costs, and quickly engage and scale.”

By combining the two platforms, retailers can quickly identify the best-performing brands and products and the consumers who prefer them. By understanding each in detail, retailers can take action to grow their revenue by adding new customers and increasing the shopping carts of existing ones. For more information about Treez and New Frontier Data, visit and

About New Frontier Data
New Frontier Data is the premier data, analytics, and technology firm specializing in the global cannabis industry, delivering solutions that enable investors, operators, advertisers, brands, researchers and policymakers to assess, understand, engage, and transact with the cannabis industry and its consumers.

Our mission is to inform policy and commercial activity for the global legal cannabis industry. We maintain a neutral position on the merits of cannabis legalization through comprehensive and transparent data analysis and projections that shape industry trends, dynamics, demand and opportunity drivers. Founded in 2014, New Frontier Data is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with a presence in Europe, Latin America and Africa. For more information about New Frontier Data, please visit us at https//

About Treez
Treez is the leading enterprise cloud commerce platform providing point-of-sale software, retail analytics, cashless payments and integrated partner solutions to the highest volume retail operators in the biggest state markets in the cannabis industry. Treez’s innovative technology and insights help retailers streamline their growth, increase their ROI, and drive efficiency in their operations.

The extensible open API platform provides smooth integration into a variety of best-of-breed solutions across e-commerce, delivery, customer relationship management, marketing and loyalty, accounting, ERP, and more. Layered on top is a dedicated client success team and 24/7 customer support, giving retailers everything they need to grow their businesses.

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