Exciting News! We’ve been nominated for an EmJay

Your vote matters. Let’s win an Emjay together!

New Frontier Data has been named a finalist in the “Market Research/Data Firm of the Year” category for the Emjays awards recognizing the best ancillary services and products supporting the cannabis industry. We are extremely grateful for being nominated and named a finalist and hope you will help us take home first place by voting early and voting often (once per category per day).  

Why do we think we deserve your vote? Because of our dedication to publishing the most accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive data for every cannabis industry stakeholder since 2014. The original market data firm for the cannabis industry, we have published nearly 150 reports covering everything from consumer trends to global markets. Our data has been cited thousands of times by analysts, reporters, researchers, investors, and lawmakers around the globe, becoming the most trusted source of cannabis data. We’ve long pushed the envelope, publishing rigorous research reports on oft-ignored markets like Africa and Latin America and critically important topics including the industry’s electricity and water use. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver the most timely and accurate data, we also created the leading cannabis business intelligence platform, Equio, equipped with dashboards featuring market sizing for legal and illicit cannabis globally and in the U.S., as well as retail sales and consumer data. Equio offers actionable insights for every cannabis industry stakeholder. 

But we didn’t stop there. Knowing that cannabis retailers, brands and marketers needed tools to reach and engage cannabis consumers, we put our data to work and built both the Equio Retail Suite, which delivers comprehensive, detailed dispensary-level insights across nearly 1 million products, more than 12,000 brands, and almost 165 million marketable consumers, and NXTecK, the cannabis industry’s first advertising data exchange, identifying the best consumers and opportunities to engage them with the right messages to make each dollar count. 

If we’ve earned your vote, visit the Emjays voting page, select “Market Research/Data Firm of the Year” from the Categories menu on the left and click on New Frontier Data. When you reach the New Frontier Data page, click “Vote Now,” enter your email address and click “Submit.”  

If you want to keep voting for us, you’re welcome to cast one vote per day until the voting closes on October 15. 

Thanks for your support and we hope to see you at the Emjays event at MJBizCon November 28 – December 1! 

Media Contact:
Nick Olsen
PR Return for New Frontier Data
+1 844-420-3882 ext. 3